Tronix Explorer XT Mobile Power Pack Doubles the Wattage

Tronix Explorer XT Mobile Power Pack

Philippines-based Innovatronix Inc. has announced the Tronix Explorer XT, a portable power source for photographers more powerful than their popular Explorer 1200 model.

Rated at 350watts continuous power, 1200watts peak power and recommended up to 2400watts, the Tronix Explorer XT is designed to be a better and more reliable portable power to most flash and power pack units. It is equipped with two 12V, 7Ah sealed lead acid batteries.

Innovatronix says the Explorer XT is a total improvement from the Explorer 1200. With its increased power rating, it is now compatible with more digital flash/power packs.

The Explorer XT has an auto volt-charging feature which accepts 100-240V. It also has a 14V car battery charging where an internal circuit converts the 12V/14V source to a 24V. It also has an auxiliary battery port, allowing the user to connect another battery in case the stored power is not sufficient for an all-day photo shoot.

The Explorer XT is available for about $394, including shipping. We have a product review of the XT here.

Tronix Explorer XT Mobile Power Pack with Auxilliary Battery

[Site: Innovatronix]

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