Toshiba Wants to Build a Better Eye-Fi SD Card

Toshiba Wants to Build a Better Eye-Fi SD Card

Japan’s Toshiba and Singapore’s Trek 2000 have jointly launched an industry forum to promote a new SD card with Wi-Fi capabilities. (Eye-Fi? Yes, Eye-Fi’s been there, done that – long ago.)

The “Standard Promotion Forum for Memory Cards Embedding Wireless LAN” appears to be duplicating what has been perfected by Eye-Fi, which started work on the wireless SD card in 2006.

But the Toshiba-envisioned SD card seeks to do one better: instead of just camera-to-computer, it also wants to be able to transfer photos from one camera to another.

Its features:

1. The ability to send and receive image data among digital still cameras equipped with an SDHC slot and the card.
2. Upload and downloads of digital photographs between a digital still camera equipped with an SDHC slot and the card, and in a Wi-Fi environment, a server.
3. User management of image transmission and reception minimizes power consumption compared with current solution.

Toshiba said the new card will be compliant with the SD memory card standard, supports IEEE 802.11b/g and has an 8-gigabyte capacity. It can transfer both JPEG and RAW images, the two most widely used digital formats.

[Via: Toshiba Japan]

Published by Chris Malinao

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