Toshiba Speeds Up Sony Battery Pack Replacement Program

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Toshiba Corp. is urging customers whose notebook PC models are on their list of laptops with defective Sony batteries to immediately seek a replacement and not wait for it to explode or catch fire.

Owners of Toshiba notebook PCs with any of the PC models on the list are urgently requested to visit their local Toshiba website or contact a local customer support center and determine whether their PC has one of the subject Sony battery packs. The Toshiba website provides a battery check utility and visual identification manual. The affected Sony battery packs will be replaced free of charge.

The move is among Toshiba’s further measures to encourage greater customer participation in the global program to replace certain Sony battery packs installed in some Toshiba portable computers.

Sony Corporation announced a global replacement program last year for a number of defective battery packs supplied to computer makers, Toshiba among them. But as late as May 24, 2007, a Toshiba portable computer with a Sony battery pack caught fire.


Published by Chris Malinao

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