Time Magazine Puts a Tear on Ronald Reagan’s Eye; Is Time Out of Line, or is Photoshopping Fine, Asks Fox

Time Magazine with Reagan on Cover

In this week’s issue of a redesigned Time, the magazine featured a photo of the late President Ronald Reagan with a tear on his eye, and the caption read, “How The Right Went Wrong.”

The tear of course was a Photoshopped addition, done by illustrator Tim O’Brien, and the caption suggested that if Reagan were alive today he would cry at the Republican party’s disarray.

This caused a bit of a ruckus over at right-leaning Fox News whose anchors expressed criticism about the Time cover photo. The anchors aired a comment from Reagan’s son Michael who said Time did something terribly wrong. They even fielded a question to their listeners, “Is Time Out of Line or Is Photoshopping Fine?”

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Published by Chris Malinao

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