Taiwan’s GlacialTech Launches Green LED Spotlights

Taiwan�s GlacialTech Launches Green LED Spotlights

GlacialTech Inc. of Taiwan is launching a new range of environmentally friendly Green LED spotlights. The GL-SP15 Series comes in various models, ranging from an Infra red sensor driven light, to a CCD camera option.

Both products will consume no more than 21W of power and will replace traditional Halogen lamps which usually consume in excess of 150W per lamp. The lifespan of these LED lamps is 35,000 hours, whereas the halogen spotlight lasts for 3,000 hours only. The predicted savings rate is 86% when compared with Halogen spotlights.

The GL-SP15 series comes with dust and waterproofing certification as well as a host of international certificates such as,CE, FCC, and RoHS. The GL-SP15 lights can be used in architectural or landscape lighting or in more traditional setups at home for security and spotlighting.

[Site: GlacialLight.com]

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