Survey Said: 55% Of People Are Confused About Digital Photos

The 2006 Digital Photo Survey by software company Corel and online survey firm Zoomerang reveals that 55% of people who take digital photos find managing and organizing their digital photos to be overwhelming and confusing. Another 45% said they do not use any kind of photo management software at all.

While many people used to just stuff their printed pictures in shoeboxes, nowadays people also just stuff their digital photos in digital shoeboxes in various folders online and offline without using photo management software but just relying on the operating system itself to keep track of their photos, the study said.

Other findings: 86% of people who take digital photos share them with family and friends, email is the number one preferred method of sharing digital photos (80%), and 80% said they print their photos at home.

“An overwhelming 91% of respondents feel that sharing photos helps create meaningful, personal, and emotional connections,” the survey said.


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