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E007 David Goldman

Bill and Ed speak with professional commercial and music photographer David Goldman in this episode of the LightSource studio photography podcast.


Bill Crawford, publisher of (Flickr)
Ed Hidden, exclusive photographer (Flickr)

Special Guest:

David Goldman, professional commercial and music photographer

David Goldman Photography

David is a New York based photographer who has experience photographing musicians and has done work for major commercial clients.

David Goldman Photos

View David’s portfolio at:

LightSource Episode 7 (Interview Series) [36:39 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

  • Adobe LightRoom
  • PMA Tradeshow

Special Guest David Goldman discusses:

  • Getting started in commercial photography
  • Working with Blink 182
  • Using film in the digital decade
  • His approach to lighting
  • Using a flash to compliment natural light
  • Being a well rounded photographer
  • Giving birth to an image
  • His advice for photographers

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