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E006 Lenses for Portraiture and Portable Image Storage

In this edition of LightSource, Bill and Ed discuss the best camera lenses for portraiture as well as portable storage devices for your digital photos.


Bill Crawford, publisher of (Flickr)
Ed Hidden, exclusive photographer (Flickr)

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LightSource Episode 6 (Audio Article Series) [32:37 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

  • New theme at
  • Lighting Questions section coming soon
  • Ed and Bill talk about their new years resolutions
  • Bill gets a new Nikon D50 and sells his Sony F717
  • Focal length multipliers for DSLR cameras

Audio Article Part I: Lenses for Portraiture

Rule of thumb – around 100mm (equivalent) lens is considered most pleasing for portraits

Short Telephoto Lens PortraitShort Telephoto Lens
– Good shooting distance
Depth of field allows some blurring of background

Wide Angle Lens PortraitWide Angle Lens
– Good for special effects
– Need to get close to your subject
– Tend to elongate features
– Can exxagerate noses

Long Telephoto Lens PortraitLong Telephoto Lens
– Easy to blur backgrounds
– Person seems flat
– Can makes subject seem more round
– Difficult to get far enough away from subjects indoors

Bill and Ed also discuss Fixed focal length versus telephoto zoom lenses

Audio Article Part II: Portable Photo Storage Devices

Bill and Ed discuss portable storage devices for digital photography.

Portable Storage Products:
Entry Level ($100-$250)

Media Gear
Smartdisk Fotochute

Mid range ($250-$400)

Smartdisk flashtrax

Big Daddy ($450+)

Epson P2000

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3 thoughts on “E006 Lenses for Portraiture and Portable Image Storage

  1. Tim

    hi guys,

    About those storage devices…
    I’ve recently bought a USB camera connector for my iPod, so I can use it as a portable storage device. The good news is it can transfer Canon Raw (CRW) images as well, the bad news is it transfers them soooooooo slow!
    If anyone has got some tips to speed up the transfer to my iPod, please leave a message…
    I’ve also tried connecting a usb card reader, but the iPod doesn’t recognize it (maybe because it’s a reader with four different slots, I haven’t tried a one slot reader yet)

  2. Shane

    Hmmm, I think a) the card reader registers as multiple drives, so not sure if the iPod software can handle that, secondly I am sure the USB on it is 1.0 not 2.0 (though its firewire is fast), but I am not positive as to this. Perhaps a firmware upgrade if its an older iPod would help?

    Just guessing here though, it does sound like it can be useful (slow or not) if your in a pinch for storage space.

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