Sony Odo Cameras That Do Not Need Batteries

Sony ODO Twirl N' Take Camera

Sony demoed a line of concept cameras at the Eco-Products 2007 exhibition last week in Tokyo to underscore their commitment to developing gadgets that are kind and gentle to the environment.

Sony’s ODO line-up includes the Twirl N’ Take camera, above; you give it a spin for about 15 seconds (like slicing a pizza with a roller knife), or roll that round thing with your hand, and it charges the device, ready to take one picture. It doesn’t use batteries, just some kind of dynamo inside to give it power.

To see your pics, you plant it onto its own pot which is connected to a computer to download and view what you have snapped since it does not have its own display.

These are just concept products and there are no plans to market it in the foreseeable future. Just ideas. That work. Or not.

[Via: Impress Japan]

Published by Chris Malinao

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