Seikonic Revives Studio Deluxe III

Sekonic has redesigned and re-launched the classic Studio Deluxe light meter as the L-398A Studio Deluxe III. The selenium photocells used in the L-398 had been discontinued because of manufacturing and environmental safety. In order to meet the demand for battery-free operation, Sekonic re-engineered the L-398 so that it retains all of it’s old features and benefits while utilizing a new environmentally friendly photocell made from amorphous silicon.

This meter is available now with features including:

  • New Amorphous silicon light sensor (meets today’s industry standards)
  • Needle lock for quick and easy measurement readings
  • Memory pointer for easy reference to your last measured value
  • Lumisphere, Lumidisc, Lumigrid, High-Slide, Case and Neck Strap


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