Samsung Now Shipping 64GB Solid-State Drives for Dell Notebooks

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Samsung 64GB Solid State Drive

Samsung is now shipping 64GB solid-state drives or SSDs to Dell, the world’s second largest PC maker. The new SSD will be used by Dell in its latest line of premium notebooks which are expected to come out late this year.

Samsung said the new drives will be supplied to other major PC makers as well, so we might indeed see SSDs going mainstream in notebooks beginning next year. Demand for Flash chips is expected to surge once Dell starts mass-producing notebooks with Samsung’s SSDs.

Solid-state drives use Flash chips for storage without the need for moving parts like motors and spindles. The heat generated by SSDs is minimal; they also improve the drive’s capability to resist shock.

Industry experts predict that with the rapid growth of the SSD market, PCs will account for 20 percent of applications of flash chips by 2011.


Published by Chris Malinao

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