Samsung Launches GDDR5 Memory

Samsung GDDR5 Memory Chips

The fastest RAM for your computer could come from Samsung. The company said today its GDDR5 (Graphics Double-Data Rate, Series 5) memory chips have been delivered to major graphic processor companies last month and mass production is expected in the first half of 2008.

Samsung’s GDDR5 can transfer data at 6Gbps, which is more than four times faster than that of memories in state-of-the-art game consoles today.

It will be introduced at a density of 512 Mbit (16Mb x 32) chips, capable of transmitting moving images and associated data at a staggering 24 gigabytes per second.

“We’re pushing image enhancement to a limit never before realized, enabling the smoothest, clearest animation that gamers have yet to experience,” said Mueez Deen, Marketing Director, Graphics Memory, Samsung Semiconductor. “Samsung’s 512Mb GDDR5 will enable the kind of graphics hardware performance that will spur software developers to deliver a new level of eye-popping games.”

The new Samsung graphics memory operates at 1.5 volts, a 20 percent improvement in power consumption over today’s most popular graphics chip – the GDDR3.

[Via: Business Wire]

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