Samsung Develops 3 New LCDs for Notebook PCs

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Samsung has developed two new liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with 16:9 aspect ratio for notebook PCs and another one with an active White-LED (light emitting diode) backlight.

Samsung says the new 16:9 aspect-ratio displays – 16-inch diagonal and 18.4-inch diagonal – delivers virtually the same rich colors as that of an LCD TV with color saturation levels of 60 percent for the 16-inch model and 90 percent for the 18.4-inch model, compared to the 40-50 percent range seen in most notebook monitors today. These are designed for viewing movies, TV shows and new-age gaming.

In addition to its 16:9 aspect ratio notebook displays, Samsung has completed development of a 15.4-inch diagonal LCD with an active, White-LED backlight. The new 15.4-inch display operates on 40 percent less power than a typical LED backlight.

[Site: Samsung]
[Via: Business Wire]

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