Samsung Announces SpinPoint M5 HDD Series for Consumer Devices

Samsung SpinPoint M5 HDD Series for Consumer Devices

Samsung today announced a new single-disk 2.5-inch 160GB hard drive, developed specifically for portable consumer electronics. The company said it has already shipped test samples of the SpinPoint M5 Series to OEM vendors and plans to begin mass production in mid-April.

The SpinPoint M5 series employs perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology, and the disk drive design allows ultra-precision adjustment of the head parking ramp position for high-density recording.

Aside from the single-disk models, Samsung also plans a dual-disk version that will provide up to 250GB of storage space. The 250GB model to follow will greatly expand the storage capacity of mobile products, in step with the surging growth of multimedia content and the rapidly changing mobile environment, Samsung said.

The new SpinPoint M5 hard drives spin at 5400RPM, with 1.5Gbps SATA interface and 8MB cache memory. PATA models will be added to the lineup in May.


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