Samsung: 32GB & 64GB CompactFlash Cards Now Possible

Samsung CompactFlash Cards

Samsung has developed the first 40-nanometer memory device that paves the way for CompactFlash cards with 32 and 64 gigabytes of capacity.

Samsung said the new memory device incorporates what it calls “Charge Trap Flash (CTF) architecture,” a method that increases manufacturing efficiency while improving performance.

“The new CTF-based NAND flash memory increases the reliability of the memory by sharply reducing inter-cell noise levels,” Samsung said.

It added that the 32Gb NAND flash memory can be used in memory cards with densities of up to 64GB. One 64GB card can store over 64 hours of DVD resolution movies (40 movies) or 16,000 MP3 music files (1,340 hours).

Read the Samsung press release.


Published by Chris Malinao

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