Review: Pentax K100D True Value for Money

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Camera reviewers at LetsGoDigital have examined the Pentax K100D digital SLR camera and posted the following observations:

  • The Pentax K100D is an exceptionally complete camera that offers true value for money.
  • Its design is a little bit boring, but look out for the Function button; it’s a great tool in combination with the large 2.5” LCD screen for navigating its menu system.
  • Although smallish, the K100D remains very comfortable to hold, as well as pleasantly sturdy.
  • Its 6-megapixel image sensor delivers excellent color rendition and sharpness; great image quality.
  • Auto-focus is fast, and Shake Reduction is helpful.
  • It’s an attractively priced camera.

Pentax K100D

In short, they liked it. It’s a good little camera for the price and it delivers great pictures. But where are the pictures? Wish they had posted some photos too with the review. But we’ll take your word for it, LGD, with a grain of NaCl.

[Via: LetsGoDigital]

Published by Chris Malinao

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