Quantum Instruments Announces Qflash UV/IR Wave Reflector

Quantum Instruments Qflash UV/IR Wave Reflector

The new Qflash UV/IR Wave Reflector from Quantum Instruments is a QF80 accessory reflector that can be used with all models of Qflash and provides UV/IR flash filtration capability for photographic applications.

It is used in:

• Forensics, Crime Scene, Surveillance
• Obideration and Documentation
• Military and Government
• Bruising/Bite Marks
• Skin Mapping/Skin Penetration
• Gun Stain Residue (GSR)
• Industrial/Fine Arts Photography

The QF80 Reflector replaces the standard reflector included with the Quantum Qflash and permits mounting 67mm threaded filters to produce narrow or broad band wavelengths of flash illumination from non-visible Ultraviolet (350-400nm) to visible to non-visible Infrared (700nm and above).

The company says the Qflash provides a single portable light source for UV/IR or conventional cameras. The Qflash UV/IR Wave Reflector setup can be used with many digital cameras modified for non-visible recording, or with cameras already equipped for UV/IR, such as the Fuji IS Pro and IS-1.

The Qflash UV/IR Wave Reflector (QF80) is available for $100.

[Site: Quantum Instruments]

Published by Chris Malinao

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