Power Air Corp Introduces ZPAC 40 Fuel Cell Re-Charger

Power Air Corp ZPAC 40 Fuel Cell Re-Charger

The ZPAC 40 Zinc Air Powerpack is a portable charger for mobile devices that does not need an electrical outlet; it uses fuel cells. You can use it in the middle of nowhere to re-charge your mobile phone and it’s got enough power to do that ten times.

It’s made by Power Air Corporation based in Livermore, California. PAC is a clean energy company which holds exclusive licensing rights for the Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC) technology.

The ZPAC 40 provides the equivalent energy of 40 AA alkaline batteries in a compact package (102 x 63.5 x 19mm, 310g) that fits easily in a shirt pocket. It can be stored unused for up to two years. The integrated fuel cell is recyclable, according to PAC.

[Site: PowerAirCorp.com]
Photo: FarEastGizmos.com

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