PopPhoto.com Reviews the Nikon D700 DSLR

Nikon D700 DSLR Camera

PopPhoto.com has done their own review of the Nikon D700 FX digital SLR camera, asking is it “a D300 on steroids? A D3 Lite?”

Not surprisingly, reviewer Philip Ryan finds a lot of things to like about the D700, echoing the chorus of previous reviewers that indeed the new camera marries the best features of the D300 and the D3 with no compromise in between. Even autofocus is very good, even if it’s not as fast as that on the D3, “photographers will have to settle for just blazingly fast,” Phil notes.

He writes, “Does the D700 obviate the more expensive D3? Not for high-end pros: Hardcore types who find themselves shooting in the Arctic one month and the desert the next will prefer the D3’s extraordinarily tight level of weathersealing. For paparazzi, who shoot lots of vertical images and so prefer a built-in vertical grip to a bolt-on battery grip, the D3’s better. And pro sports shooters blasting off frame after frame need the faster native burst and extra CF card slot of the D3.”

For the rest of us, the Nikon D700 is our full frame dream come true. Read Phil’s review; he’s got loads of useful info to share between the whereas and therefore, he’s even got a video in this review.

[Via: PopPhoto.com]

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