Polaroid Digital Instant Photo Printer

Polaroid Digital Instant Photo Printer

Polaroid has disclosed additional details on its instant mobile photo printer that uses the ZINK or zero-ink technology. It has posted the technical specs and other details on its website.

The Polaroid Digital Instant Photo Printer offers an inkless printing process that allows you to make instant prints from your camera phone or digital camera. This tiny photo printer is roughly the size of a deck of cards at 120x72x23.5mm or 4.7×2.8×0.9in.

When you come down to it, this is the company’s attempt at keeping the Polaroid instant camera, beloved for generations, alive. Pair it with the ubiquitous camera phone and you have the spirit of Polaroid alive. But whether they succeed or not, that is a picture still developing in the days ahead.

Would you go for 2×3 prints? That is what this tiny printer can produce – borderless, yes, but still very tiny. The kids perhaps will love it for its sticky back, they can slap it on many, many surfaces, but grandma might have a hard time looking at it, stuck in her newly cleaned refrigerator.

Is this Polaroid printer now in the market? No, not yet. Polaroid said the Digital Instant Photo Printer is scheduled to start shipping this spring. But they said that too, last year, when that thing was supposed to come out in the fall.

[Site: Polaroid.com]

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