Photographer Wins Lawsuit vs. Corbis Over Lost Photos

Photo of Chris Usher by Robert Allen, courtesy of

The United States District Court, Southern District of New York has ruled in favor of photographer Chris Usher in a lawsuit over lost images that total 12,640 in all.

In the lawsuit, Usher claimed that Corbis was negligent and liable for losing some 12,640 analog images shot and owned by Usher.

The lost images included Usher’s coverage of George W. Bush, Al Gore, the 2000 presidential campaign, Elian Gonzalez’s return to Cuba, and other significant news stories. Usher claimed that Corbis lost or failed to return the images to him when he ended his representation agreement with them in 2001.

The judge has scheduled another hearing on December 18 to determine how much should be awarded to Usher. (If you’re Chris’ relative, the line forms to the right.)

But Chris says, “Regardless of what they are worth – the money is nice but I’d rather have the pictures back.”

Corbis is a private stock photo company wholly owned by Bill Gates.

Photo: Robert Allen/

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