Pentax Announces Optio A20 & M20 Compacts

Pentax Optio A20

Pentax Imaging Company has unveiled two new digital cameras in its Optio line: the 7-megapixel Optio M20 and the 10-megapixel Optio A20.

Both cameras sport 2.5-inch LCD screens and multiple anti-shake features. Both also feature the new Face Recognition AF & AE function “which helps ensure bright, beautiful photos of people with perfectly focused faces free of shadows caused by exposing for the background or for the colors of clothing,” according to the Pentax announcment. This function automatically detects the position of the subject anywhere in the photo frame and then adjusts the focus and optimizes the exposure for the detected position.

The Optio A20, which is equipped with the high-performance smc PENTAX zoom lens, is priced at $350 and will ship in October. The M20 will sell for under $200 when it comes out in September.


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