Paul C. Buff Announces New Alienbees Max, new light modifiers and Cybercommander along with release dates!

For those who have been keeping up with the Paul C. Buff (maker of Alienbees, White Lighting and Zeus flash systems) you probably know and/or have been awaiting the release of info on the New Einstein flash units. The wait is almost over. Today in a post on the Paul C. Buff forum, Buff released info on the second generation Alien Bee flash units! Aptly named the Alienbees Max. One of the most significant themes with the AlienBees Max line (confirmed by Buff) is its native ability to utilize non-pure sine wave electricity! What does this mean? Almost anyone with a small bit of technical acumen could cheaply build a portable power supply for them (however the units obviously will operate best with the Paul C. Buff made Vagabond II portable power system).

Below is a jpg ad officially released by Buff.

Buff didn’t stop there with merely a flash with a redesigned pyrex flash tube housing… he’s also released new reflectors for his system that are backward compatible with the rest of his original Alienbees line. Most second most exciting is the announcement of a new series of large Parabolic reflectors that are some of the most cost effective solutions on the market today! Price wise, size wise the closest thing available that produces similar type of results is in the $1000 and up category. From my estimations, Buff’s solution can be had at an amazingly low cost of $50 give or take $10 for shipping! Not only that… since it appears (I could be wrong) deep umbrella in design and is pretty much a UNIVERSAL LIGHT MODIFIER! (As long as your flash supports an 8mm umbrella shaft…which is most of us out there!)

Last announced was the eagerly awaited Cybersync Commander module. This quite possibly could be the most advanced radio controller system available. The ability to control multiple flashes in multiple groups, take meter readings of the flashes, see color temperature, display f-stop of the light you are adjusting, show the lights in the setup save settings download settings to a memory card… the only thing it doesn’t do is turn your flashes on. (Maybe that’ll come with a firmware update later.)

For more info check out the forum announcement at

Keep checking for the official announcement.

– David Griffin, “The Prince of Cheap”

P.S. Lets mke this clear… the Parabolic Light Modifier system obviously has shot straight to the top of my 2009 Cheap List… And it isnt even out yet! :)

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