Pandigital Frames Tout 128MB Internal Memory

Pandigital Frame

Pandigital photo frames come in screen sizes from 5.6 inches to 9 inches and are the industry’s first with 64-128MB of internal memory and multiple USB ports. To load pictures onto the digital photo frame the user can insert a memory card into its 6-in-1 media card reader, use the mini-USB port to connect to a digital camera, or connect a personal computer to its full-sized PC port.

Aside from its digital slideshow, the Pandigital photo frames also allow users to view MPEG-1/-2/-4 video or play MP3 or AVI audio through built-in speakers or via a headphone jack. The frames will ship with a remote control and one wood and one acrylic interchangeable frame.

The Pandigital photo frames come in 4 models: the 5.6-inch DPF56-2 with 64MB of internal memory for a suggested $130; the 7.0-inch DPF70-1 for $150; the DPF80-2 ($200) with an 8-inch backlit LED display with a resolution of 800 x 600 and 64MB of internal memory, and the DPF90-2 with the same specs but a larger 9.2-inch display and a retail price of $250.


Chris Malinao

About Chris Malinao

Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.

10 thoughts on “Pandigital Frames Tout 128MB Internal Memory

  1. Douglas Stocco

    Will the PanDigital photoframe work with Macintosh computers? Can I download photos from my Mac directly onto the internal memory of the photoframe? Thank you.

    Doug Stocco

  2. chris

    there appears to be no direct mac support, doug, only pc. but if you can get your photos onto a memory card and insert it into the pandigital’s 6-in-1 card reader, you’re good to go.

  3. Douglas Stocco

    Thanks. But, what about a USB memory stick. Can I put the pictures on a flash drive memory stick and them download them into the digital frame through the USB port?

  4. Fred Haineux

    I just purchased the 5.6″ frame on a “Black Friday” deal.

    I was able to use a USB Thumb Drive (memory stick) with it, after a bunch of finagling. It appears if anything is amiss, the frame’s software will crash. Here’s instructions which MIGHT work for you.

    1) Plug the memory stick/thumb drive into your Mac OS X computer.
    2) Copy any files off the drive, if you want to keep them.
    3) Run Disk Utility, erase the thumb drive and format as MS-DOS. Give it a name like “THUMB”
    4) Copy appropriate files onto the drive. (JPEG pictures with .jpg extensions, resize them to be small. Later you can try for movies and music.)
    5) Open Terminal, and type cd /Volumes/THUMB/
    6) Now very carefully type rm -rf .*
    7) Eject the thumb drive.
    8) Turn off the picture frame, plug in the thumb drive into the slot called “USB HOST” and turn on the picture frame.

  5. Andy DuPont

    I received a 7″ Pandigital Frame for Christmas and I’m using a compact flash card to transfer files from my mac to the Frame. I connect the CF card to my mac using a universal USB adaptor for flash memory. When I read the card on the Photo Frame, it would see an invalid file after every picture. I tried Fred Haineux’s Terminal commands on the CF Card, and after using the rm -rf .* command on the mounted CF Card it solved the problem. Thanks Fred!

  6. Karen Plansky

    Received the “7” Pandigital Frame as a birthday gift and CANNOT get it to work! Why??? We read the instructions and did everything but it won’t even come up with any lights etc.

  7. James T

    This frame did crash on the mac a few times but after plugging it back in twice each time it is able to accept copied images.

    The worst part with the 8″ frame iss that the product leans so far back that it needs to be propped up instead of using the stand. It is 45 degrees and nothing like the photos on the box or instructions.

    It’s going back, can’t deal with the frame that can’t even be a frame.

  8. Fred

    I will never purchase from Pandigital again. My 11 inch frame does not work. Here is the email I sent them.

    I purchased a pan-digital 111-B digiatal picture frame. I followed the detailed instructions in your manual for use with a Mac computer and found that it has a glitch that does not work on the Mac (this is apparently known at PanDigital). I called technical service and spoke with Jerry, who informed me that my only option is to buy a PC (contrary to your printed instruction manual)

    I feel that PanDigital has let down its customers and I hope that you will take the necessary steps to rectify this problem. (I would also like to note that Jerry is extremely blunt, rude, and unprofessional and should be fired – in contrast his supervisor Todd was much more reasonable).

    In the end, my feelings about this company are the combination of satisfaction with the product and general service and tone of its employees – in this case both have failed.

    Please let me know how you plan to fix this problem.

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