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Harry Benson's 1964 Photo of The Beatles' Pillow Fight in a Paris Hotel Room

“Keep smiling because when you smile people can’t read you.” That was the advice photographer Harry Benson years ago gave now U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And Harry says she has thanked him for that.

The legendary photographer is being featured in the latest Photo Op article on National Public Radio ( The feature article includes a voice clip of an interview with Benson as well as iconic photographs of celebrities and politicians he covered in his long career – the 1964 Beatles’ pillow fight in a hotel room, the Robert Kennedy assassination, actress Liz Taylor after she underwent brain surgery and many others.

Now 78, Benson’s latest shoot was with singer Amy Winehouse for The New Yorker.

Reflecting on the many stories he had shot over the years, Benson says, “There are always moments in every story I’ve done, no matter how difficult, when all of a sudden it will soften for you.”

Photo: Harry Benson

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