Nikon Unveils SB-910 Speedlight


Nikon has dusted off the good old SB-900, slapped SB-700’s simpler GUI on it, incorporated a pair of plastic color compensation filters for incandescent and fluorescent lights and called it the new SB-910 flagship Speedlight.

“As Nikon’s new flagship speedlight, the SB-910 provides exceptional high performance and versatility that users have come to value in Nikon’s Creative Lighting System,” said Lisa Osorio, general manager of marketing at Nikon Inc. “By addressing the needs of photographers that work in challenging lighting scenarios, the SB-910 delivers a new level of portable lighting functionality, with performance and intelligent features that adapt to a wide range of lighting challenges.”

In short, Nikon needs to announce a new product every now and then and this is it – no D800, D7100 or D400.

Nikon said the SB-910 incorporates a new Thermal Cut-Out function, which offers protection against damage to the flash panel and body from overheating during continuous flash use. Now, the flash recycling time is automatically delayed if a significant rise in temperature is detected, rather than ceasing operation to protect the unit.

SB-910’s retail price is $550 when it comes out in December. Amazon is accepting pre-orders.

[Site: Nikon USA]

Published by Chris Malinao

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