Nikon D200 or Canon 5D?

Ken Rockwell

Which would you rather have: a Canon 5D or a Nikon D200?

For most everything, it’s the Nikon D200 for photographer Ken Rockwell, who owns both cameras and has taken thousands of photos with them.

But the Canon 5D takes great photos if you have the time, and especially if you use it with a tripod. It gives sharper prints; “on-screen, the 5D looks night-and-day better than my D200,” says Ken.

“For real photography outside the lab or studio, I prefer my D200 because it’s faster, easier and more consistently gets out of my way in creating great images,” he adds.

Follow the link to read more on Ken Rockwell’s comparison of these two superb cameras.


Chris Malinao

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Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.

4 thoughts on “Nikon D200 or Canon 5D?

  1. asty

    I would take Ken’s advice with a pretty big chunk of salt. I have been following his sight for a few years now and i’ve found that, through his unconventional ways, he creates more problems for himself by not dealing with the original ones.

    In this case, his perception of the 5d being a “slower” camera to handle arise from the fact that he refuses to shoot in RAW. this is why he finds it so frustrating that there is no auto white balance, auto contrast, and the screen’s colour is not accurate. i am baffled that someone with such expensive camera’s won’t fork over a few extra bucks for some bigger cards.

  2. Johnny Blood

    Ken Rockwell is a gadfly and firmly entrenched within the Nikon camp…and that’s alright. But his statements, if quoted accurately, make little sense.

    For starters, why the 5D requires a tripod to take wonderful images is beyond me. Not only does it perform better in low-light situations and produce far less noise than the D200 at ISO speeds > 400. The 5D is a superior product in almost every regard.

    If you want to quote gadflies let me know and I’ll point you toward some Canon gadflies, too.

  3. Mitch Wong Ho

    I second Chris’ sentiments about Ken.

    Although I shoot with the D200, I am certain the the 5D produces superior images (using L lenses of course), but for my purposes and budget the D200 rock!