NewerTech Rolls Out Guardian MAXimus eMAX External HDD

NewerTech Guardian MAXimus eMAX External HDD

Newer Technology Inc. has announced its Guardian MAXimus eMAX external hard disk drive, expanding its MAXimus line of “Triple Interface” External RAID-1 Mirror Plug & Play storage drive solutions.

NewerTech says the Guardian MAXimus eMAX is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified to deliver maximum data protection and backup performance while using less energy. The Guardian MAXimus eMAX claims a 15 percent power savings and up to a 50 percent power reduction versus traditionally powered 1TB drives. The new external HDD also promises the utmost in low noise operation, data storage stability, and per disk capacity for 1TB drives.

The new Guardian MAXimus eMAX is now available for $550.

The other Guardian MAXimus line products are priced as follows:

• 250GB Mirror (250 + 250) 7200RPM $260
• 320GB Mirror (320 + 320) 7200RPM $290
• 400GB Mirror (400 + 400) 7200RPM $330
• 500GB Mirror (500 + 500) 7200RPM $380
• 750GB Mirror (750 + 750) 7200RPM $440
• 1.0TB Mirror (1.0TB + 1.0TB) 7200RPM $640
• 150GB “Power User” Mirror (150 + 150) 10,000RPM $570


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