New Wireless File Transmitters for Pro Canon DSLRs

New Wireless File Transmitters for Pro Canon DSLRs

Canon USA has announced three new Wireless File Transmitter units for use with the company’s three pro DSLRs: WFT-E2 II A Wireless File Transmitter for the Canon EOS 1D Mark II, WFT-E4 II A for the EOS 5D Mark II and WFT-E5A for the EOS 7D.

Canon said the new wireless file transmitters provide professional photographers with a range of innovative wireless connectivity options for all photographic disciplines.

For example, by coupling each compatible camera with one of the new WFT units, professionals can fire up to 10 cameras simultaneously with Canon’s new Camera Linking function, which is perfect for getting that split-second shot from multiple angles. The new WFT units also enable the roaming photojournalist or back-country nature photographer to geotag images easily through hard-wired or Bluetooth-connected GPS devices and append coordinates to the image’s EXIF data.

They also enable wedding and event photographers to send images in real-time to a computer for instant prints or projection onto event screens while allowing the photographer to operate wirelessly.

[Via: Canon USA]

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