New Leaf Afi 10 Now Available from Peartree

Leaf Afi 10 Medium Format Camera

Peartree has announced the availability of the Leaf AFi 10 medium format camera system featuring its True Wide Frame (TWF) 56×36 mm, 56 megapixel digital imaging sensor. Together with the new Leaf ‘Verto’ technology, the TWF sensor can be rotated internally, giving you the control and flexibility to shoot the way you want to.

The company said the new Leaf TWF sensor restores lenses to their full angle of view. Together with DALSA Corporation, Leaf designed the exclusive new 56×36 mm TWF sensor to deliver 56 megapixel resolution across the entire width of the Leaf AFi 10’s 6×6 sensor area. TWF sensor technology in the Leaf AFi 10 imaging module and Aptus 10 camera back is also compatible with over 80 large-format cameras, maximising their capture area, according to Peartree.

Peartree is a UK-based sales and rental services company which sells and rents out high-end cameras from Leaf, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Sinar and other companies.

[Sites: Peartree UK, Leaf America]

Published by Chris Malinao

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