Prince Of Cheap Workshop Series “Monster Lighting Tactics” Begins With An Overload!

How much can you learn about lighting in about 3 hours?

How about how to get stellar light with a less than stellar budget (my favorite topic), diffusion, aperture, shutter, how to build light panels, scrims, diffusion, the “Inverse Square” Law, photograph 2 live models, build cheap reflector boards, beat the 12 O’clock sun, hard light, soft light, falloff, feathering, distance – size relationship, bounce lighting, how to use an incident meter, ebay wireless transmitters, el cheapo Britek strobes, softboxes, umbrellas, how to use a brolly box, simple 1 light setups, 2 light setups, glamor lighting and more!? How about getting a free workshop booklet that covers most of the information from a FREE workshop!

Here’s some of the phenomenal images that workshop participants and myself created at the workshop!

(A) (B) (C) (D)

Workshop exercises were; (A) studio light with 1 light and a reflector. (B) Natural Light with diffusion, (C) natural light without a diffuser, and (D) studio lighting with 1 light and 1 reflector (ratios)! All “on the cheap”!

Images by Calvin Borden: Canon Digital Rebel Xt

(A) (B) (C)

(A) My mug showing a participant how to get in under his glamor light! (B & C) Results

Images by Hernan Rodriguez: Canon 5D

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

(A) Makeup fun! (B) Classic Model Staredown! (C) En Vogue! (D) More Makeup Play! Workshop exercise here; cheap Butterfly lighting with a ($29) 32″ Alien Bees BrollyBox, ($75) a Britek flash, and a ($42) 42″ Ebay 5n1 Reflector.

Images by Stephanie Cunningham (Studio Owner/ Workshop Hostess): Canon 20D

Images by: David Griffin, A.K.A. The Prince of Cheap: Sony Alpha A100

A Setup Shot of the Beauty Lighting Setup!
Here’s one of the cool diagrams from the free workshop booklet given away by the Prince of Cheap himself at the free workshop! This show the simplicity of the butterfly lighting setup used for the highlight images from the workshop!
Special Note:
Studio owner and hostess of the Monster Lighting Tactics workshop – Stephanie Cunningham would like to invite all site visitors and photographers to attend her upcoming workshops that introduce participants to beginning: work flow, camera, composition, lighting and digital photography basics! Trust me, Stephanie has had over 25 years experience and owned a studio during her entire photography career. She can teach you a lot!!
Contact Stephanie at for workshop availability, times, dates and locations or discounted studio rental!
Model For Hire: Jeanine Cordera can be contacted for booking
Professional Makeup and Professional Hairstyling for Hire: Ivan and Ernie can be contacted for booking at:

Stay tuned… this was only the first workshop of a series being developed by the Prince of Cheap! Be on the lookout for the next workshop… “Monster Lighting Tactics: Natural Light!”Now you can get some low cost workshops to go with your low cost lighting gear! You have no excuses… GET TA SHOOTIN`! – David Griffin a.k.a. The Prince of Cheap

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