I’m gonna do it again folks! This one is a supercharged version of the last one! MONSTER LIGHTING TACTICS 2.5 will be held January 18th, 2009 in Torrance California! Last time it was a wild workshop filled with D.I.Y., Models, Diffusion, Smokes, Gels, Cheap Crap, and more to inspire you to shoot and think out of the box! THIS ONE WILL BE EVEN MORE HARDCORE!

I’m gonna show you how to build tools on the cheap, give you a brief on the roll of shutter, aperture, camera and lens on the outcome of your images, learn to meter effectively, learn the holy grail of light (the inverse square law), how to use gels, use smoke, we’ll discuss composition, hi-key images, low-key images, how to light in a cramped studio environment, you’ll see how I work with models live, how to mix natural light with flash, I’ll show you my “even-a-caveman-can-do-it” headshot system for natural light, learn to thrive with only 1 light, go ballistic with multiple lights, the BEAUTY DISH, the RINGLIGHT, the STANDARD 7″ REFLECTOR, the SOFTBOX, the UMBRELLA, the OCTABOX, the LIGHT PANEL, Innovatronix Tronix Explorers, … and more!

Okay I know, what you are thinking… $299 aint cheap Griffin! The locals kinda love me…So, try this… everyone that gets in on this workshop will get a complimentary 1 light setup complete with Studio Strobe, Umbrella, and a light stand! Ramifications of such a great donation? You come to my workshop and learn how to use the light and you will some gear to start shooting on your very own!!! Thats right! You come with hopes of learning something, you learn it, and you’ll be able to go out and try it yourself! This is now the ultimate get you goin workshop! Not just a come and watch show! See the setups live! ASK QUESTIONS LIVE – GET ANSWERS LIVE! See it happen! ACTUALLY LEAVE WITH SOMETHING THAT CAN HELP YOU BE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO!

Monster Lighting Tactics 2.5

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B.Y.O.(Bring your own) SLR or DSLR  ||  No Video or Audio Recording

Email me before RSVP (We gotta know if there’ll be room left!

There’s only one catch… Monster Lighting Tactics will only take place 3 times in 2009!!! Call now for more information!

P.S. One more caveat, participants in this workshop will get the first digital copy of “The Cheap Shot” my quarterly online guide about low cost, low budget shooting… FREE! Its a digital magazine that goes into depth of how I get the shot on the cheap! Lighting setup photographs, lighting diagrams, lighting tips and more will be inside along with inspiring photographs that are sure to help you get your creative juices flowing! There’ll even be interviews with models, photographers, makeup artist, stylist and the people that make the shot happen… all the way down to the agents that help get you the job… call it an all access pass short mag… all for free for Monster Lighting Tactics 2.5 participants!


– David Griffin, a.k.a. The Prince of Cheap

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