LumiQuest SoftBox III, FXtra Gel Holder Available in August

LumiQuest SoftBox III, FXtra Gel Holder

The new LumiQuest SoftBox III and the LumiQuest FXtra gel holder will be available next month, the latest products to emerge from the pioneer in portable flash modifiers.

The LumiQuest SoftBox III ($40) has roughly twice the diffusion surface of the company’s best selling, original softBox. The 8” x 9” surface is over 25 times the size of today’s most popular flash heads, producing much softer shadows. Like the original softBox, the SoftBox III is designed to fit a variety of flash units and is center weighted to provide more even illumination. While no compensation is required when shooting with TTL exposure control, the SoftBox III will interfere with the on flash auto exposure sensor and autofocus assist.

“This is the largest softBox we offer and it is for use when shadow softness is more important than portability,” said Quest Couch, Chairman of LumiQuest and product designer.

Meanwhile, the new LumiQuest FXtra ($20) is a compact gel holder that facilitates a quick installation and removal of colored gels. The FXtra will include the following eight roscoe gels as a starter set: CTO, 1/2 CTO, 1/4 CTO, Plus Green, 1/2 Plus Green, sky Blue, Canary Yellow and fire red.

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