Joseph Cartright, New York City fashion and beauty photographer, shares his hard-earned insight about lighting and photographing models for fashion shoots with Bill and Ed in this episode of LightSource.


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Ed Hidden, exclusive photographer (Flickr)

Special Guest:

Joseph Cartright, New York City fashion and beauty photographer

Joseph Cartright Photgraphy

Joseph’s ability to conceptualize and bring to bear ideas, his knack for building technically precise lighting and his decisive production skills are the result of his breadth of experience. He has garnered the respect and command of many top tier clients including Victoria’s Secret, Halston, Ralph Lauren and L’Oreal.

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LightSource Episode 11 (Interview Series) [36:10 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

Special Guest Joseph Cartright discusses:

  • Getting started in fashion photography
  • His studio space in New York city
  • Traveling for clients
  • Shooting with high end digital cameras and digital backs
  • Challenges associated with fashion photography
  • Building visual loyalty
  • Communicating the vision of his clients
  • Creative freedom in the professional studio setting
  • Various genres of fashion photography, commercial photography, advertising and catalog photography
  • Staffing for various types of photographic products
  • Selecting models based on the project
  • What makes a great fashion model
  • How your skill level effects your marketability as a photographer
  • Lighting for the product in catalog photography
  • Lighting for an essence in an advertising campaign
  • Why great images might have to be thrown away
  • How digital photography has affected the fashion shoot
  • Using multiple visual outputs during a photo shoot
  • How perfect images are a mixture of skill, instinct and chance
  • Being willing to fail in order to learn
  • Phase One digital backs and Capture One digital workflow software
  • Digital versus film professional workflow
  • Advice for beginning fashion photographers
  • Torturing your friends
  • Building an image creation team
  • How where you live can effect your fashion career
  • Thinking through your camera lens

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