LetsGoDigital: Scuba Diving Maldives

Diving with a Whale Shark

For a good weekend read, our friends over at LetsGoDigital have published their review on the Olympus PT-E02 underwater housing for the E-330 digital SLR.

Their report, written by underwater photographer Karin Brussaard, is very well made, if only for the sharp pictures illustrating the use of the housing and, more importantly the photos of their undersea adventure with a whale shark. The dive was done in the Maldives.

I completely forgot all about the review while viewing the fascinating photos, because they were so engrossing. Apparently the E-330 camera and the PT-E02 made it through the dive because the photos were there.

But forget the review. Look at the photos, they take really good shots. Four plus 18 pages of sharp images, the underwater shots were just great. Go, enjoy yourself.

[Via: LetsGoDigital.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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