Leica Unleashes 37MP S2 Digital SLR with Larger-than-Full-Frame Sensor

Leica 37MP S2 Digital SLR with Larger-than-Full-Frame Sensor

Leica Camera AG in Solms is introducing the Leica S2 at Photokina 2008 kicking off tomorrow in Cologne, Germany.

The Leica S2 is a new SLR camera system for professional photographers, the company said. Its concept has been dubbed “Made in Solms,” reflecting a tradition of excellence once enjoyed by German-made products.

In a statement, Leica said “For this camera concept, renowned professional photographers have been involved in all parts of the development process. The outcome is a system designed specifically to deliver the fastest, high end resolution work, requiring the minimum of post production. Excellent news for commercial photographers seeking to exceed demanding client expectations in a working time which allows improved income for their talents.”

The German made S2 was designed from scratch; it does not use a conventional medium format or 35mm platform. Instead, it uses a new 37-megapixel CCD sensor the company hopes will deliver the image quality demanded by professional photographers. The S2, according to Leica, will use lenses that would enable the sensor to overdeliver per pixel. The pixels in the Leica S2 are distributed on a sensor that is 56 percent larger than full size 35mm, the company said.

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