Koreans Invent Camera Sensor that Can See in the Dark

Korean Electronics Technology Institute KETI Facade

A camera to take photos in the dark? Yep, that’s what we’ll have soon when this Korean invention goes on stream.

KETI, the South Korean Electronics Technology Institute, has invented a digital sensor that can take clear pictures at just a single lux of light (that’s the equivalent of a room lighted by just one candle).

It’s called the “single carrier modulation photodetector” (SMPD) and it’s 2,000 times more sensitive than current models.

A camera equipped with the SMPD sensor will be able to snap pictures in places such as theaters, underground traffic tunnels, or dark-lit bars and clubs.

Initially, the sensor will be utilized in security systems and mobile phones and vehicle rear-view cameras.

[Site: KETI.ke.kr]
[Via: DailyTech.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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