Koreans Develop Cheap Plastic Alternative to Fiber Optics

KIST Plastic Fiber Optics

Koreans researchers say they have perfected an optical fiber made of plastic (cheap) that can increase home Internet speed by 25 times (fast).

The fast and cheap alternative can deliver data much faster than copper wires but not as fast as glass fibers. The plastic optical fiber can transmit data at up to 2.5Gbps; compare that with most home connections made of copper which can carry only up to 100Mbps.

Japanese companies have commercialized similar technologies in the past, but the Koreans said their product is superior in quality and priced at just one-third of Japan’s.

The latest plastic optical fiber was developed after six years of work by a research team headed by Hwang Seung-sang at the Korea Institure of Science and Technology.

[Site: KIST.re.kr]
[Via: FarEastGizmos.com]

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