Korea’s Mtron to Spring 128GB 1.8” SSD in April

Mtron 128GB 1.8-Inch Solid State Drive

South Korea’s Mtronstorage Technology Co., Ltd. says they will start mass producing their new 128GB 1.8 Inch ZIF-type solid state drive (SSD) for notebook PCs in April.

Mtron said the new SSD has a maximum reading speed of 120MB/s and writing speed of 100MB/s, which is more than 6 times faster than the current 1.8 inch HDD.

With no moving parts, SSDs are preferred for use in laptops because they are quiet and can resist shock and vibration. SSDs also consume a lot less power compared with conventional hard disk drives.

SSD products were initially known to be ideal for laptop PCs and mobile devices because of its Flash memory basis, but it was hard to implement them because of their low memory capacity and high prices.

[Site: Mtron.net]

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