Koh Dustless Bag System for DSLR Cameras

Koh Dustless Bag System for DSLR Cameras

The idea is to change lenses inside this bag so that dust will never have a chance to get onto your DSLR image sensor. Cumbersome? Maybe, but if you’re shooting in extremely dusty conditions, like on a desert or a windy beach or perhaps on a construction site, the Koh Dustless Bag system just might be practical.

An air filtering device inside this clear plastic bag removes dust and other particulates to create a safe dust-free enclosure to change out lenses; you slip both hands in there to change lenses.

Watching the demo reminds you of how bio-scientists handle extremely dangerous viruses, but hey, if one speck of dust can ruin that one money shot there are extremes you may be willing to go to.

The cubical enclosure also converts to a rain cape that you can put over your head and shoulders when it rains. Cumbersome? You bet, maybe even comical. But remember that money shot? Gotta get that, right?

[Site: KohGlobal.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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