Kodak Offers Gold Preservation CDs, DVDs

Kodak Gold Preservation CD and DVD

When the CD-R technology was just beginning to be available to consumers in the late 1990s, I scanned some family photos onto gold CDs (they called it Kodak Digital Science CD-R back then). Thankfully, they are still in mint condition until now and the photos are there, as accessible as the first day they were written (the other cheaper CD-Rs have either warped or peeled off).

So, yes, I believe Kodak when they say today that the quality of their new Gold Preservation CDs and DVDs is archival, meaning they are perfect for ensuring the long term integrity of your movies, music, images, documents, and data.

KODAK said the Gold Preservation CDs have been tested under light and accelerated aging to preserve data, photos and documents up to 300 years with proper handling. KODAK Gold Preservation DVDs have been tested to preserve data, photos and documents 80-100 years with proper handling.

Fact: did you know that these gold CDs contain real gold? They do, but in quantities so thin that it will amount to only a few cents if you recover them. The new Kodak discs use 24K gold.

[Site: Kodak Media Products]

Published by Chris Malinao

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