Kodak Names Jenny Cisney as Chief Blogger

Jenny Cisney, Kodak Chief Blogger

If you put an affable lady blogger at the front office, will your company be as lovable?

Kodak thinks so, that’s why they’ve put the very likable Jenny Cisney, erstwhile Kodak information designer, up there as Chief Blogger, a position which is quite new in the staid corporate world, but not unheard of. It’s a significant move by Kodak.

Chief Blogger Jenny will provide daily oversight and creative guidance for the company’s two blogs – “A Thousand Words” and “A Thousand Nerds” – and, Kodak hopes, will boost the company’s social media presence.

She has worked with Kodak for 10 years and has been a valuable part of Kodak’s blog team, helping to drive Kodak’s blogging strategy, increase online traffic, and strengthen Kodak’s online reputation.

It’s easy to love Jenny for her work. For her company however, it will take more than Jenny’s work to bring back those Kodak moments from a bygone era.

[Via: Kodak.com]
Photo: Kodak.com

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