Kenro Announces Foldable TFST041 Light Table

Kenro Foldable TFST041 Light Table

Kenro has announced the UK release of a new foldable studio light table. Kenro said the new addition is ideal for product shots and close-up photography where shadow-free reproduction is required.

The company said the light table (Product Code: TFST041) is perfect for use with Kenro’s Slim Light 300 Heads, the unit features three arms that can be used to attach the heads onto. The direction of the light source can easily be adjusted from all directions as the arms allow for over and under illumination.

The curved acrylic board creates the illusion of an endless horizon; this means the subject appears to float against the background. One side of the board is glossy and the other side has a matt finish to allow for different effects. Colored foils or velvets can easily be attached to the board to create a more unusual backdrop. The panel size is 55.5 x 116.5cm.

[Site: Kenro UK]

Published by Chris Malinao

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