Kacey Pole Adaptor: Get Your Hot Shoe Flash Where You Need It!

The Prince is BACK!!!

Between LOTS of shooting, I’ve been testing tons of new equipment, techniques, shooting some surprise hotties, and finishing up some critical workshop details. I’m now gonna start posting short reviews of the gear and techniques. I know. It’s about time! First up: The Kacey Pole Adapter.

Okay people, here’s the skinny on these things. You go out on location to say … the mean streets of Los Angeles. You pull out your hot shoe flashes for speed cause they’re lightweight and fast to setup. You pull out the ole tripods, drop the sand bag and … Weeeeeeeeeeewh! The “Boys N Blue” stroll up and tell you to pack it up or get a ticket NOW! They tell you about the ordinance for your city that says no tripods. This is where the Kacey Pole Adaptors come into play and save the day! Simple. You purchase a paint pole with the standard 5/8th screw mount. I got my 8ft fiberglass pole from Lowes for only $8.95. Get a tube of Locktite epoxy glue and spread it nicely on the inside of the threading that’s on the underside of the adapter. (The Kacey Enterprise website suggest Locktite 242 Epoxy Thread Glue). You screw this baby onto your paint pole and give it 24-48hrs too dry. Next, grab your umbrella adapter, lock it too the adapter and add your flash and wireless receiver combo.

Sample Photo

All these images were created using the camera, light meter, Kacey Pole Adapter, Lumopro LP120, and the Saxon PC flash grid, and that’s pretty much it! One Saxon PC grid covered light directly over head on a pole for our sexy alley cat. One bare light below to the side for our muscle guy.

The top cat is Anixia Rodriguez from Miami! Her images were created at my Strobist Meetup that I now host semi-annually. The images were created on the ROOF of Smash Photo!

The wrestler-ish dude below her is… well, keep an eye on your news stand… your gonna hear about this guy soon enough! His images were done in most the same way. Single light on a Kacey adapted pole and flash. Here’s a piece of irony, the beach where we were at was under constant patrol. Photographers are not allowed tripods or light stands on the beach. That’s where my KPA poles kicked it! My H.A.L. “Humoniod Actuated Lightstand” Big “L” braved the devastatingly crashing tidal waves (of 2ft high!) to stand in the water with the pole to light this killer image!

Bottom line: The Kacey Pole adapter is a KILLER invention! Simple in nature, perfect in function, and above all elsem CHEAP in price! These sexy aluminum spun babies can be had for about $24.95 from the Kacey Enterprises website or for a good and affordable $18.99 from MPEX.

What does this mean? If you shoot on location with hot shoe flashes and have places where you just can’t mount your light stand and have a helper (like the model’s boyfriend or mom) these adapters become absolutely invaluable and a MUST BUY. The stronger the pole you have the heavier the item you can entrust to the Kacey Pole Adapter. This definitely makes this a must HAVE piece of grip!!!


-David Griffin

For more info about the Kacey Pole Adapter and their other cool lighting solutions go to www.KaceyEnterprises.com

For more info on the cheapest flash grids in the biz go to www.SaxonPC.com

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