It’s Showtime for SnapVillage Beta by Corbis

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SnapVillage Logo

SnapVillage Beta has gone live on the Web with the beta version of its online microstock marketplace for user-generated photography.

It’s a brainchild of Corbis, the photo stock agency, to give a broader base of photographers a foothold in the microstock market, taking advantage of the interactivity of Web 2.0.

SnapVillage introduces innovative advances in the submission, pricing, searching and purchasing of royalty-free (RF) photography that can be bought once and used almost anywhere for any duration.

It also serves as a photographer farm club for Corbis; top photographers at SnapVillage get the chance to move to a premium website.


Published by Chris Malinao

Chris teaches Lightroom as workflow software to photography students at the FPPF, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. He also teaches smartphone photography.