’s DSLRClean Dust Remover Reduces Price

Intemos DSLRClean Dust Remover

UK-based has announced a much improved version of its DSLRClean sensor cleaning product, reducing its manufacturing costs and therefore its price; the company now offers its DSLRClean kit for about $20 (£10 in the UK).

The kit contains 10 DSLRClean swabs as well as a 10ml bottle of the travel safe IOptic liquid. DSLRClean sticks use a lint-free micro-pore swab to create a mini vacuum effect, gently lifting dust from both CCD and CMOS type sensors, according to Intemos owner Andrew Stagg. For dust that has been baked into the sensor, the IOptic liquid is used.

IOptic, unlike other sensor cleaning liquids, is non flammable, non toxic and is completely travel safe. Because it is not alcohol based, IOptic will not evaporate in the bottle as other cleaners do, and so lasts much longer, says Stagg.


Published by Chris Malinao

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