Imaging Resource Has a Full Review of the Sony A900, Already

Sony Alpha-900 Full Frame DSLR

Imaging Resource has a full review (right, a full review and not just a preview) of the Sony A900 full frame DSLR. The new camera still has to ship in November but perhaps the guys at Imaging Resource have been assured that what they had was a production unit which will not differ in any way from the ones that will hit the stores, so there, they have a full review.

While it’s not the prettiest design to some, it looks like a big serious industrial machine for taking pictures. Reviewer Shawn Barnett writes, “Like its predecessor the Sony A700, the Sony Alpha A900 is big and boxy, not attempting to appear sleek, it looks more like a big industrial device, as cameras once did. Yet it fits well in the hand: a machine to the eye that is nevertheless well crafted for the human intended to use it.”

Its big black head with the SONY logo looks deadly serious, like Darth Vader saying, “there’s a big pentaprism in here, my dear Padawan, good for shooting ‘em nice big pictures!” (Or some such silly cowboy Darth quotes…)

Does it take really good pictures? It should. At 24.6 megapixels, full frame and $3000 for the body, by gad it must! But only if you stick in a premium-priced premium lens, of course. Slap a Minolta kit lens in there like the ones that go with the A300 or A350 and you’d be disappointed.

Read the full review by Imaging Resource.

[Via: Imaging Resource]

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