Hoax or Not, Yeti Footprint Photo Sells for $7,000

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Purported Photo of a Yeti Footprint

The myth of the Abominable Snowman lives on with the sale recently of a 1951 photograph of what was supposed to be a Yeti footprint. The photo was sold Tuesday in an auction at Christie’s London for £3,500 (about $7,000).

Explorer Michael Ward said Eric Earle Shipton took the picture in the Himalayas. He wrote, “In 1951 Sen Tensing, Shipton, and I descended from the Menlung La … at about 16,000-17,000 feet we came across a whole series of footprints in the snow, on the lower part of the glacier…”

Read the lot description that accompanied the photos for a fascinating tale of the Yeti.

[Site: Christies.com]
[Via: Metro.co.uk]
Photo: Christie’s

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