Hasselblad Unveils New CFV-39 Digital Back

Hasselblad Unveils CFV-39 Digital Back

Hasselblad has introduced the new CFV-39 digital back designed for Hasselblad V cameras. The 39-megapixel back, with a sensor twice the size of premier DSLRs, features two capture modes and a new digital lens correction technology for Carl Zeiss lenses, powered by Mac- and Windows-compatible Phocus image processing software.

“Quickly and easily, the Hasselblad CFV-39 can transform a V System film camera into a high-performance digital camera,” says product manager Peter Stig. “Just snap on a charged battery, insert a CF card, add the back, and you’re ready to shoot.”

The company said Hasselblad CFV-39 is custom designed to match the appearance and functionality of the Hasselblad V System cameras.

[Site: Hasselblad USA]

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