Hasselblad Introduces H3DII-50MS Multi-Shot System

Hasselblad Introduces H3DII-50MS Multi-Shot System

The Hasselblad H3DII-50MS is a medium format digital SLR in the company’s new Multi-Shot System which completely eliminates the need for Bayer interpolation and promising crisp and clear photographs that capture even the slightest nuance of every detail.

The company says Multi-Shot technology captures a sequence of 4 shots, each offset by a one pixel increment, ensuring that every point in your set is rendered with its true red, green and blue color components. In this way, true detail and true color are acquired without interpolation of any kind. For outdoor or on-location work the H3DII-50MS is also able to capture in normal single-shot model.

The Hasselblad Multi-Shot System ensures that what was created is faithfully preserved, indoors or outdoors, shooting to CF card or directly to your computer, enabling perfect quality reproductions and securing these works for future generations.

The H3DII-50MS is available for pre-order, P35,000 the price.

[Site: Hasselblad USA]

Published by Chris Malinao

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